Kscoins CPU-Mining Innovation

We are the first website to offer CPU - ONLINE mining.We offer also different services to earn cryptocurrencies Autofaucet and Offerwalls. We are paying since August of 2017 and we will pay and stay here for a long time , we would love to continue our journey with you.Start earning and get paid in all 12 supported cryptocurrencies of FAUCETHUB

Are you a webmaster ? well we thinked for you also , Kscoins Webmaster Tools are a monetization solution for online platforms. Instead of traditional display ads, you add one line of javascript code and let your visitors mine cryptocurrency in the browser using their CPU power.

Why you should choose us ?

1. Boost Profitability
2. No Fees
3. Automatic Payout no need to wait
4. Easy & Reliable
5. We are here for you , we offer full support
6. Low minimum withdrawal amount

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Secure Payments

We are using automatic payment system , you will get paid whenever you want without any fee via .

Different Ways Of Earning

Earn cryptocurrencies via Mining , Autofaucet , Offerwalls - Kscoins best friend of your crypto wallet.

Referal System

We offer to our users enhanced statistics for their referals and different ad codes to implement in their sites , forums & social networks .

Webmasters Miner-Code

Imagine you have a new faucet or other site and you are getting 100 visitors daily , sure your income will be low and also the ad networks want sites with high traffic.Kscoins give you the opportunity to earn from your visitors and get paid even if your website do not have high traffic.

24/7 Support

Whenever you want help we are here for you , be sure to contact us via email for everything you need.

Advanced Security

Your security is our privilege , so please feel safe we are here to protect your informations and your account.

Mobile Friendly

Our design is compatible with all type of mobile devices.You can check your stats , manage your webmaster and referal tools.You can even start mining with your mobile.

Multiple Crypto-Currencies

We offer mining and payouts in different crypto-currencies